What is Lithographic Printing and How Does it Work?


Lithographic (or offset) printing is the process where the required print content is produced on a metal plate, which is then placed in the lithographic press. This plate is then covered in ink and washed with water using rubber rollers. The litho process is based on the principle that oil and water will not mix and only the area of the metal plate that has content will retain the ink and the blank area will be clean (ink-free). The required print content is then transfered to a print blanket which is stretched around a drum. As the paper or card travels through the printing press, it contacts with the blanket and the required print content is transferred onto it.


RePrint are well-established printing specialists. Lithographic (or offset) printing allows the printing of standard jobs and also enables us to find the right solution for the vision you have in mind. For example, your project can be printed on various qualities and paper types to suit any application.


We produce colour proofs for every job on our Epson SureColor SC-P9000 ink-jet plotter. Our software and hardware presets are calibrated to FOGRA39 to ensure an exact match to lithographic printing presses.


We use the Pantone Colour Matching System for spot colour work and have colour books for all types of paper finish.


Lithographic printing is perfectly suited to metallic inks and fluorescents too, creating stunning work both short run and long.




We are the Brighton and Hove printers of Stationery, Brochures, Leaflets, Books, Magazines, Business Cards, Advertisements, Direct Marketing Material, Invitations, Numbered Forms, School, College and Company Newsletters, Community and Association Newsletters, Advertising Flyers, Presentation Documents, Press Releases, Postcards, Posters and much more!


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