How Much Will My Document Weigh?


With the ever-increasing cost of postage and the need to minimise ‘print miles’, there will be occasions when you need to know how much your print order will weigh.  RePrint have compiled this handy guide to help you to determine the correct weight of paper to use to minimise postage and transport costs. 


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Royal Mail Postage Costs


The weights below are for a single copy and do not include any special binding (i.e: wire binding, lamination, etc).

Always allow a small tolerance for variation in paper and ink weight (+/-3% is not unusual).


For the weight of A3 (297mm x 420mm) multiply by 2.

For the weight of A5 (210mm x 148mm) divide by 2.

For the weight of A6 (148mm x 105mm - Postcard) divide by 4.

  80gsm 100gsm 115gsm 130gsm 150gsm 170gsm
A4 2 page 5.00g 6.25g 7.188g 8.125g 9.375g 10.625g
A4 4 page 10.00g 12.50g 14.375g 16.25g 18.75g 21.25g
A4 6 page 15.00g 18.75g 21.562g 24.375g 28.125g 31.875g
A4 8 page 20.00g 25.00g 28.75g 32.50g 37.50g 42.50g
A4 10 page 25.00g 31.25g 35.937g 40.625g 46.875g 53.125g
A4 12 page 30.00g 37.50g 43.125g 48.75g 56.25g 63.75g
A4 14 page 35.00g 43.75g 50.312g 56.875g 65.625g 74.375g
A4 16 page 40.00g 50.00g 57.50g 65.00g 75.00g 85.00g
A4 18 page 45.00g 56.25g 64.687g 73.125g 84.375g 95.625g
A4 20 page 50.00g 62.50g 71.875g 81.25g 93.75g 106.25g
A4 22 page 55.00g 68.75g 79.062g 89.375g 103.125g 116.875g
A4 24 page 60.00g 75.00g 86.25g 97.50g 112.50g 127.50g
A4 26 page 65.00g 81.25g 93.437g 105.625g 121.875g 138.125g
A4 28 page 70.00g 87.50g 100.624g 113.75g 131.25g 148.75g
A4 30 page 75.00g 93.75g 107.812g 121.875g 140.625g 159.375g
A4 32 page 80.00g 100.00g 115.00g 130.00g 150.00g 170.00g
A4 34 page 85.00g 106.25g 122.187g 138.125g 159.375g 180.625g
A4 36 page 90.00g 112.50g 129.375g 146.25g 168.75g 191.25g
A4 38 page 95.00g 118.75g 136.562g 154.375g 178.125g 201.875g
A4 40 page 100.00g 125.00g 143.75g 162.50g 187.50g 212.50g
A4 42 page 105.00g 131.25g 150.94g 170.625g 196.875g 233.75g 
A4 44 page 110.00g 137.50g 158.125g  178.75g  206.25g  233.75g
A4 46 page 115.00g 143.75g 165.125g 186.875g  215.625g 244.375g 
A4 48 page 120.00g 150.00g 172.50g 195.00g 225.00g 255.00g
A4 50 page 125.00g 156.25g 179.687g 203.125g 234.375g 265.625g

Information About Our Printed Products

To discover ideas and options to help you create your perfect printed product, start by viewing our examples below.


  200gsm 230gsm 250gsm 280gsm 300gsm 350gsm
A4 2 page 12.50g 14.375g   15.625g   17.50g    18.75g    21.875g
A4 4 page 25.00g 28.75g 31.25g 35.00g 37.50g 43.75g
A4 6 page 37.50g 43.125g 46.875g 52.50g 56.25g 65.625g
A4 8 page 50.00g 57.50g 62.50g 70.00g 37.50g 43.75g
A4 10 page 62.50g 71.875g 78.125g 87.50g 93.75g     109.375g 
A4 12 page 75.00g 86.25g 93.75g 105.00g 112.50g 131.25g


The weight of a standard C4 Envelope is approximately 17 grams

The weight of a standard C5 Envelope is approximately 9 grams

The weight of a standard 305mm x 229mm x 229mm carton is approximately 178 grams


Example Question:


How do I calculate the weight of 500 copies of an A4 Saddlestitched Booklet with 24pp 130gsm text and a 300gsm cover?


Example Answer:


1 x A4 24pp 130gsm (from first table above) = 97.50 grams plus

1 x A4 4pp 300gsm (from second table above) = 37.50 grams

Total weight for one copy = 135 grams

Multiply by 500 copies = 67,500 grams or 67.50 kilos

Allow a tolerance of 3% = 69.525 kilograms

Plus the weight of any packaging.


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